Prequalify for Paintbrush’s Waitlist

Wait list pre-qualification questionnaire:

Please note: Joining the wait list at this time does not guarantee a unit will be reserved; at this time we currently are at pre-qualification stage. Providing your information does not guarantee that a unit will be available for you. Occupancy will be conditioned upon verifying compliance with the Affordable Housing Deed Restriction that applies to this property, satisfaction of standard tenant screening criteria, and subject to availability. Filling out the form below will allow us to notify you as soon we begin accepting formal applications, which will provide you the greatest chance to secure a unit.

For clarity: A household, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau “consists of all the people who occupy a housing unit. A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated people, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who share the housing unit.

For more clarity about income-restricted units vs unrestricted units, please note the affordable housing deed restriction info on the right side of this page.

Units listed as restricted will be leased out in accordance to the most recently published AMI for Gunnison County by U.S. HUD.

Affordable Housing Deed Restriction Info:

Both Gatesco, Inc. and the County of Gunnison recognize the public need for attainable and affordable housing for the workforce and working families of Gunnison County.

Income Restricted Units shall be occupied by Qualified Occupants and members of a Qualified Occupant’s household.

Status as a Qualified Occupant shall be determined prior to entering into any lease.

A “Qualified Occupant” is a person who meets one of the following criteria at the time he or she takes initial occupancy of a unit within the Property:

  1. Full-Time Worker. A person working (or recently hired to begin working within 30 days of occupancy) an average of 125 hours per month or more, for an organization (private business, non-profit, governmental entity, educational institution) whose principal office address is located within Gunnison County, or which physically provides goods or services in Gunnison County. If the organization is not physically based in Gunnison County, the worker must physically perform his or her work in Gunnison County; or
  2. Retired. A retired person who met the above “full time worker” requirement a minimum of four years immediately prior to his or her retirement; or
  3. Disabled. A disabled person who met the above “full time worker” requirement a minimum of four years immediately prior to his or her disability.

Qualified Occupants must occupy the Unit as their Primary Residence.

Qualified Occupants must not own any interest in developed residential real estate or a mobile home in Gunnison, Delta, Hinsdale, Montrose, or Saguache Counties.

For Unrestricted (non-rent restricted) Units;

If a Qualified Occupant applies to rent an Unrestricted Unit (non-rent restricted), the Qualified Occupant shall be given preference over all non-Qualified applicants.

There may be some non-rent restricted units available to occupants who do not meet the above-mentioned criteria. Additional units may be available to such occupants in limited circumstances set forth in the Affordable Housing Deed Restriction & with the prior written consent of Gunnison County.

Disclaimer; The information provided by Gatesco, Inc. on, is for general informational purposes only. All information provided on our site is made in good faith, however serves only as a summary and the Affordable Housing Deed Restrictions may contain additional applicable restrictions.